Students as young as 5 or 6 can benefit from meditation. Abstract drawing is a great way for children and youth to learn youth girlsmeditation because it involves an activity they love and a skill that can provide emotional and physical benefits. If they can write their name, they can create a beautiful piece of abstract art and learn a technique they can use for a lifetime.

As children and youth progress through school, they are expected to self-regulate. However, they often do not receive tools to manage their thoughts, emotions and behaviors. The Zentangle Method is a fun, easy, inexpensive, and portable tool that students can use to manage stress, disrupt repeating and negative thoughts, and more.

Zentangle is great for use in the classroom because it can be done alone or as part of a group activity. Contact us to set up workshop for your class or youth group!

Learning Intentions

Students will be able to:

  • recognize how emotions show up in the body, thoughts and emotionsyouth - boys
  • demonstrate ways to manage the effects of stress on the body, thoughts and emotions
  • perform the the Zentangle Method
  • create several tangle patterns
  • achieve a state of focus

Target Audience: Students first grade and up

Length: tailored to the organization

The benefits of Zentangle are cumulative. While the class can be presented once, a series of workshops will allow students to become proficient with the method and learn a variety of patterns.