Sacil is a very talented artist and works wonders with large and small groups. As chair of the psychology department [at Roanoke College], I had her facilitate a Zentangle activity for a large group of students from a myriad of majors in our large auditorium one evening. The students were engaged and a survey of the event (held before exams) indicated it helped with their perceived stress. I highly recommend her for teamwork and wellness events.

Denise Friedman, PhD

As a Leadership Coach, working with high level executives, middle level managers and emerging new leaders, I find Sacil’s approach toward Zentangle to be the perfect way to kick-off a team event.  This experience helps individuals make the shift from their highly demanding work environments, to a state of mind that’s grounded and clear.  I’ve observed, first hand, how Zentangle helped my team shift into a collaborative state of mind leading to innovative and creative team outcomes.
Michelle Mock, President, Collaborative Thinking, LLC

Sacil has worked with me and another researcher on two projects. Specifically, Sacil carried out a Zentangle session with college students and older adults. She was well received by both groups and both groups enjoyed learning about Zengtangle. It is clear that she is passionate about Zentangle and even unsure participants feel supported and encouraged.

Darcey Powell,  Assistant Professor at Roanoke College

“It’s the first time art was not stressful for me.”

Catherine Mikelaites, Nurse Manager, Memorial Regional Medical Center

I had the pleasure of taking Sacil’s classes and would like to say that she is an exemplary Zentangle Teacher as well as a great Creative Artist. I never met anyone with such passion and a gift for art. Sacil works effectively with her students and takes the time to help them embrace Zentangle. I like that she takes time before class to incorporate relaxation exercises. I look forward to taking her class again and seeing what new creative art she produces.

Melissa Dow, Safety, Health & Environmental Professional

Zentangle really helped with my morning meditation. I thought I had been at it for about 20 minutes, but when I looked at the clock, an hour had passed!