Team Building


Most organizations mention similar challenges when it comes to working as a team: productivity, communication, and commitment/follow-through. In addition, individuals report feeling overwhelmed and stressed. In this workshop, participants work separately to learn a fun and easy way to achieve a state of focus / meditation to reduce stress. From this more relaxed state, the group defines individual needs that they want to get from the team and make a personal commitment to the group. We also discuss communication strategies. The half-day class includes practicing the concepts of active listening, negotiating work agreements, and trust, which are discussed in the two-hour session.

In the half-day session, participants put insights and concepts into practice, using real life work situations. The team practices effective communication, negotiates work life agreements, and completes a group project. Practicing asking for what you want and negotiating an actual agreement builds new neural pathways to help change behavior. Contact us to schedule a workshop today.

Learning Intentions

Participants will be able to:

In the 2-hour class, participants will be able to:

  • recognize how stress manifests and blocks progress
  • achieve a state of focus / meditation
  • define personal needs from the team
  • define personal commitments to the group
  • define requests, offers and agreements

Half-day Session also includes:

  • active listening exercise
  • requests, offers and agreements exercise
  • group project
  • This session builds new neuropathways as groups perform the concepts explored in the first two hours

Target Audience: Leaders and employees across all areas and levels, individuals and teams

Length: 2 or 4 hours