Team Building


This team building workshop uses the Zentangle® Method of creating abstract art to strengthen team bonds. No artistic experience is necessary. Under the guidance of Certified Zentangle Teacher Sacil Armstrong, participants use art to define an individual work life need and a personal commitment to the group. From this foundation, the team discusses personal values and translates those into a more effective group collaboration.

In the half-day session, participants put insights and concepts into practice, using real life work situations. The team practices effective communication, negotiates work life agreements, and completes a group project. Practicing asking for what you want and negotiating an actual agreement builds new neural pathways to help change behavior. Contact us to schedule a workshop today.

Learning Intentions

Participants will be able to:

  • recognize how stress manifests and blocks progress
  • perform the 8 steps of the Zentangle Method
  • create several tangle patterns
  • achieve a state of focus
  • define personal needs and personal commitments to the group
  • appreciate your work and the work of others

Key Topics:

  • What is the Zentangle Method?
  • Language of Zentangle
  • Difference between a tangle and a pattern
  • Mindfulness/Meditation
  • Power of being slow and deliberate
  • Defining needs and commitments

Half-day Session

  • Practice effective communication
  • Negotiate a work agreement
  • Group Project

Target Audience: Leaders and employees across all areas and levels, individuals and teams

Length: 2 or 4 hours