Corporate Wellness

Sacil Armstrong, CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) uses the Zentangle® Method to teach corporate wellness. Teachers, social workers, law enforcement officers and sales associates have all reported better concentration, feeling more focused, and being more prepared for creative and collaborative work after completing a Zentangle workshop. No artistic ability is necessary. If you can write your name, you can create beautiful abstract art, learn to be more mindful, and discover new ways of working. We can custom design a class to suit your corporate wellness needs. Contact us with questions or to schedule a workshop.


This workshop focuses on managing the stress and anxiety inherent in everyday life, especially in the workplace. The negative effects of stress accumulate in the body and are reinforced by how we feel and the way we speak to ourselves. Managing our emotional and physical states can increase productivity and improve quality of work. The Zentangle® Method offers a fun and easy way to enter a state of focus and can serve as an introduction to meditation. Just a few minutes of meditation throughout the day can boost your personal performance.

Learning Intentions

Participants will be able to:

  • recognize how stress manifests in the body, thoughts and emotions
  • demonstrate ways to change the effects of stress on the body, thoughts and emotions
  • perform the 8 steps of the Zentangle Method
  • create several tangle patterns
  • achieve a state of focus


Key Topics:

  • What is the Zentangle Method?
  • Language of Zentangle
  • Difference between a tangle and a pattern
  • Definition of abstract
  • Mindfulness/Meditation
  • Power of being slow and deliberate

Target Audience: Leaders and employees across all areas and levels, individuals and teams

Length: 2 hours

The benefits of Zentangle are cumulative. While the workshop can be presented once, a series of classes will generate the greatest benefits. Subsequent workshops can be designed for an hour or with a minimum of four (4) 15-minute mini sessions to fit into the workday. The 2-hour workshop is a prerequisite for any shorter sessions.