Why You’re Here – About

Everyone who takes our mindfulness classes and purchases our art knows they are getting a unique experience to reduce stress and increase calm.

I’ve always been a Type A personality – driven, perfectionist. Even at a young age, I was stressed and struggled to handle my anxiety. I remember not being sure what I was good at and wanting to be an artist, but I could barely draw a stick figure.
Then I found Zentangle®, and using only a few simple shapes, I learned to be mindful and to create beautiful abstract art. I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) in 2012, and since then, I have taught adults, kids, the elderly, and people with disabilities and health issues to relax and recognize their own inner artist.
Before launching art & being, I was concerned that people would consider the process “just doodling”. But my students, and Zentangle students around the world, had experiences similar to mine – mindfulness, periods of intense focus and relaxation, bursts of creativity and even pain management.

I decided to share this simple and profound method to help others manage stress and anxiety, get a feel for meditation, and vibrate higher. My digital downloads, and other products all center on creating a state of mindfulness.

Getting to this point was more difficult than I planned. I thought I could build my business slowly as I worked a full time job, but health issues made it difficult. And then I was laid off from work.

Instead of panicking, I got centered, meditated, and tangled my way to the decision to work for myself. After a year of stops and starts and learning about business and art as a business, I’m finally ready to share my love of mindfulness and artistic ways to keep calm!

Response to my online and in-person classes, as well as my digital downloads has been pure love! So many people are discovering their own hidden talents as well as relief from stress and anxiety. I’m looking forward to sharing my stoneware and coloring books in the near future.